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Raise the percentage of positivism

 Raise the percentage of positivism
raise the percentage of positivism
I am Positive

This blog is the continuation of the earlier one. My earlier blog was about the chain of negativity. This blog is about the chain of positivity which happens in our life when our thought pattern shifted to positivity. Like me many are on this way and just moving ahead.  Remaining positive is a necessity. It’s quite easy to get negative but hard to remain positive.
Our percentage of positivity can be increased by regularly feeding ourselves with reading, writing, listening or watching something positive. If this will not done than it’s quite easy to get negative. It’s easy for someone to say that I am positive. But it must be seen in our daily actions. Our approach towards the situation or a person will change when our inner mind-set shift towards the optimism. But this is a very gradual process in fact it seems that nothing changes. But our single efforts results that we are changing. This blog is also a way to practise positivity.

We can change our destiny by changing our mind-set. I mostly make efforts to at least listen something positive if not possible at least read something from Google. With time I feel that my observation power has been increased. I observe very small things in my daily activities. I got more conscious about mental strength and its quite amazing to share with you all that it is limitless and dimensionless. If negativity increases it will increase our negative strength and if positivity increases then it will increase our positive strengths. It depends where we are heading. 
raise the percentage of positivism
Be happy!

Nourish your mind with positivity regularly until you yourself feel positive. No matter how much positive, successful or optimistic you are focus on positivity otherwise when negativity seeps in your mind and life you won’t understand. This process is very slow but effective. It’s just like regularly watering and fertilizing a plant to make it grow. Focus on the process results will come on its own time. We can check our level of mind by checking our real life situations like our relation with others, our prevalent emotions, our approach towards the situations, our performance in carrier, studies and so on.

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If our relations are complex then our mind-set is negative towards relationship and this complexity prevails to whomsoever we live. If our performance in carrier or studies is not good then it negates negative mind-set towards these. If we have health issues anything from a big cancer to a small headache, it negates negative mind-set. In short anything where we face a problem it means negativity prevails in our mind. I will not talk about negative situations or persons. Here only our negativity is concerned.

Positivity makes our mind more fertile, it makes everything easier and simpler. It makes us more solution-oriented. Our perception towards a situation or a person changes and becomes more productive. Our positive strengths increase with time. A thing which seems impossible becomes possible with time. This is the impact of positivity in our mind as well as life. Even in very crucial and difficult situations we are ready to take learning from it. When hatred, comparison, competition, anger discontentment, rejection, inability to face failures, I have counted a few are stronger in our life. That means negativity is strong in our life. These are the weeds which grow as a result of ignorance and prevalent negativity in our mind. At this stage our mind is most infertile.
raise the percentage of positivity
Add positivity to your life

Incorporate positivity in some way and try to make fertile it again. When things seem easier it signifies our mind is getting fertile again. Fertilize it to what extent, for these just consider this example. Visualize a balloon, when we blow and tied with a thread, it will never fly high. We try hard to make it fly but it again and again comes down. What happens when it is filled with helium gas? Neither we nor that balloon can stop on its own to fly high and high. The balloon will fly till it burst. Same manner if our mind is like a balloon, if it filled with poor quality of thoughts then howsoever we make efforts, ultimately we fall down. And if our mind is filled with bold and powerful thoughts then, just imagine. Then we are limitless and an unstoppable being. We have to reach at that level this is the goal to raise our mental positivity. Go to that extent and effort daily.

For positive mind good things are possible and its main attraction. After all it is like a magnet. Currently I can see negativity in my life. I can see where my mind is most infertile and I am also on the way. This is the journey of self-transformation. And this experience worth it for many and it must be shared to make others aware about this.
One important thing I want to mention that our mind will not think on its own. We don’t have to make effort to think negative, it is effortless. But we have to make effort to make our thinking positive. When our own self-doubts are replaced with unshakable faith upon us, hatred with unconditional love, rejection with undue acceptance, and many more qualities are there I have counted a few. Then just understand our percentage of positivity is increasing. When our perception towards a person or a situation changes then understand percentage of positivity is increased.
raise the percentage of postivity
Nourish your mind 

In Bramhakumari, the example of battery is best. Mind is compared with a battery, which is charged up by meditation. Initially it is something which is not meant for me. But today I can meditate any time. To be honest most of the examples and thoughts are not mine but all of them contributed some part to make this blog more clear and informative. Self- appreciation, self-affirmations or consciously creating positive thoughts all are chargers for mind at least my way of practicing meditation. Whatever I do internally consciously creating positive thoughts. Today it is an effort but with time it is part and parcel of my life. It is just like earlier meditation, affirmations, concentrating on one powerful and positive thought is just a concept for me, now it is a part of my life.
One experience I want to share is about a situation where I was stuck. How can I define that situation just visualize a Big boss house. Same with me living with them to whom I don’t like. Neither of them just likes each other, speaking bitterly and situation is very heavy and negative. Everybody was creating negative vibes for each other and gossip is in the air. At that I just start internally creating positive thoughts for all of us. In other words start giving blessings to everyone including myself. I must tell a very big realisation came to my life. In that negative situation everybody was negative except me. I was unaffected with that negative situation.
Now whenever wherever I live whether the situation is negative or positive I start consciously creating and concentrating on one bold and positive thought. As a result I feel good and remain light. One more thing I want to add I repeat this process whenever I want. This is meditation for me right now. And I am very happy with the results. Right now it is initial stage for me, but in some way I am learning to think positive. My relationship with others are challenging right now, I didn’t deny. But with experience I must share unconsciously I think negative or curse somebody, but as soon as I realise I start consciously creating positive thoughts for them, bless them. Irrespective of how our relationship right now.

And one thing I want to admit this didn’t happen in one day. I listen about these things several times but not ready to practise but now I am happily practicing it. And satisfied with my efforts. All these efforts are at mental level right now and I am trying to make my mind most fertile in terms of relationship and in other aspects also. Whatever the results came I will share in my coming blogs. In the same manner yet I was a very good student but after marriage I have lost interest in studies. It seems that my mind was completely negative towards studies, with these positive efforts I have gain my interest back on studies. These things have made me a lifelong student. My curiosity and urge to understand has increased a lot.
raise the percentage of positivity
Cultivate Love!

Whenever we watch a program on televisions, there is always an advertisement break for few minutes and we watch them. Same way in my daily regular activities I just watch some short and motivational videos on YouTube. These are the ways I am practicing positivity in my life. Develop positivity at mental level first start your silent journey. Be patient with time it will appear in your other aspects of life.

Situations are negative, people are negative and we are not succeeding in all, are the results of our own negativity. That thing I have realised with time. These blogs are the result of my regular small efforts. Going back to the battery example, when the battery is below 50% then it drains very fast and when battery is full 100% charged then its draining is slow. Today we majority are below 50%, so on little things we drain very fast. Quality of your life defines the level of charging required. If mobile phone is used only for talking, then frequency of charging will be less. If it is smartphone then it is not meant for talking only. Its level of usage determines the level of charging. That means when it is fully charged it is used and when it is not required just put on the charger. Same application in our daily life. Perform all your actions and whenever you are free use it to feed your mind with something positive stuff.
Rest on the next blog!

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