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Just start - the way to grow

Just start – the way to grow
just start
Just Start - the way to grow

Strange topic, is it not. But I feel I must write over it. Because I have started applying this in all aspects of my life. You will get clearer when I will give you my own few examples. Gradually I observed this in myself that this trait develops in me and now I understand its importance. That’s why I am writing this blog.
First of all let me explain what this – Just Start is. In simple terms if you want to master any subject just start reading it on daily basis. If you want learn new skill just start doing this little by little. If you have any health issues just start taking right actions in your health concern.  I hope now you are getting me what I am talking about.
How this so called just start came in my life. As I write on my earlier blogs that I am fond of listening and reading positive stuffs as much as possible.   In other words I keep on feeding positive stuffs in my mind on daily basis. I also use to get scared to start something.
weight loss
Weight loss

 For example I have gained weight and now other problems started with this obesity like- body pain, back pain, lethargic and being less efficient.  Internally I am not happy with this, I want to lose it but I lack courage and think how I will lose my extra kilos. I doubt myself of not able to succeed. Because there is a most strong belief system that once you gain weight or get obese, you won’t be able to lose forever. I also struggle with this belief system because it’s my belief system.

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The only way is to keep on feeding myself information about weight loss. I listen the experiences on YouTube and read on Google. Just start- to aware myself about obesity. It covers everything like demerits of obesity, methods to overcome it, health and nutrition and the most important exercise. Gradually I feel confident to start my weight loss journey. And I start to take small steps each day on this way. This journey still continues today and now I am enjoying it. Today I have lost around 15 kilos and 10 kilos are still to lose. That means I am still on the way.
My goal is to enjoy health until my last breathe and remain thin and fit forever by developing right lifestyle. Ultimately my prime goal is to have an ideal lifestyle. This is the prominent question on my mind what is an ideal lifestyle? I am still trying hard in this regard and whatever I know I am applying it and practicing in my life.
just start
Do you have hair problems?

Now taking another example from my own life, my hair problems.  Majority are facing this. Ridiculous what I am talking about hair problem but yes for most of us it’s a big problem. My hairs are damaged I start observing patches on my scalp due to hair fall. Like you I also don’t understand now what to do? Same thing I start keep updating myself everything about hairs. It involves reading on Google and listening on YouTube. Gradually I started taking small steps in this regard and once again my journey still goes on I will cover everything in this regard on my next blogs but I am satisfied with my hairs today .
In the above two examples what have you noticed first a problem, then starting updating in this regard initially, okay. Gradually starting small steps each day in this regard in addition to this I still keep on updating myself to get motivated to continue this process. In this way I – Just Start. In the same way anything you can achieve but the first thing is just start on this way. In addition to this try to associate with those who are practicing this on their life. I practice this in my life and it motivates me to continue.
 Your internal negative self-talk hinders you but you have to start otherwise you won’t reach anywhere. One thing I want to add here to control these negative self-talk. I am also taking small steps because this is not a small thing. Try to listen or read something productive and positive in this regard when this self-talk start supporting you; you will not understand yourself.
just start
Be Self- Motivated to just start

All the processes are gradual nothing will happen in one or in few days. It requires your daily commitment to yourself. It’s interesting but slow process. It requires courage, confidence, patience and most important motivation to continue. I myself gradually understand the importance of these values in daily life. Just Start is the key.
Whatever you want to achieve first of all update yourself in this regard and when will you start, you yourself not realise. Simply focus on right things, with time wrong things will automatically replace with right one. And this thing I write from my own personal experience.
This awareness comes with time when I regularly feed myself with positive stuffs. After all positive thing will replace negative things in life. It is quite surprising to share with you that when I start I didn’t notice. My mind starts thinking in this direction.
One main thing I want to add here our mind is already filled with negative thoughts if not then these problems don’t exist in our life. We don’t need anything like this. So just start first of all reading or listening something positive and inspirational daily. Because positive thinking will lead to positive results in your life. Whatever you want to do keep updating yourself on this direction and when will you start taking small steps you yourself don’t understand. Simply start whatever you want to achieve no matter how much inexperienced and less knowledge you have.
Rest on the next post. Keep learning!

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