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Blossom like a flower

Blossom like a flower

blossom like a flower
Blossom like a flower

This topic is so close to me and hope so it will overwhelm you too. I hope you like flowers but ever you think what moral teaching a flower gives everybody. We all love a blooming flower; it automatically changes our state of mind. It symbolizes happiness and love. Nobody will ever gift a flower to his enemy. And if yes then it is sign of ending their enmity and become friends. I have collected few very good quotations related to this topic and elaborated it to make this topic more inspiring hope you will enjoy it.
blossom like a flower
Growth creates blossom

Growth creates blossom

How do we blossom like a flower in our daily life? It will happen when we fully and efficiently admire and utilize our available resources. Our total development depends upon our capability to utilize our full potential. To express ourselves fully it is a necessity to focus on our positive and creative sides. We will feel the difference first and then it is observed by others. We have a deep learning attitude. 

Our rate of growth depends upon the rate of learning in our daily life. Here growth is not limited to few aspects like carrier, studies etc. growth means overall growth which covers each and every aspect of our life. When we are enjoying and growing day by day, then this growth creates blossom.

blossom like a flower
A flower blossom for its own joy

A flower blossoms for its own joy

Never make your growth for others sake. It is your own personal journey and experiences. If you are on the right track no matter where you are right now then it will be a great inspiration for others.  Focus on your sincere efforts, it will become inspiration automatically for others. This must be the deepest desire to learn and grow until your last breathe. Then you will blossom for your own and not for others sake.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul
The most divine quality of a soul is gratitude, which makes the soul more divine and elevated. Gratitude enhances contentment, bliss, healthier relations with others. It makes us grow in every aspect of life. If you hate someone or a situation, simply count ten points of gratitude for the same.  Be thankful for at least ten reasons. 

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Initially it is an effort for you but gradually it replace your hatred with more love and understanding for the same. You can’t be successful if you lacks gratefulness. Because successful people are grateful people. Your gratefulness is a sign of your greatness. It maintains the smile on your face even in tough times. You must have at least one reason for being grateful even in worst situations. This one reason is sufficient to cross the situation with stability.

blossom like a flower
Be a flower in the midst of other flowers.

Be honest, be nice be flower not weed

What is a weed? An unwanted plant which grow on its own and not required. In life its not good to be a weed but a beautiful flower who blossoms and automatically uplifts others mind. Your presence automatically inspire others. A flower is attractive and beautiful, no matter whether it is unnoticed. A flower never lost its charm.

 So that your positive qualities never stops blossom. Take care of those qualities and enhance yourself to remain a beautiful and blooming flower forever.

Water your roots so your soul can blossom

What are the roots of a soul? These are love, peace, happiness, contentment, gratefulness, patience etc. it means all the divine virtues of the soul is the root. If root of a plant is watered properly, then whole plants will grow overall. Association with like-minded people help in watering our positive qualities. Working on ourselves daily and making attempt to improve is the key to grow. Many great people are great due to this attitude. Our virtues gets empowered automatically.

Find your sunshine and blossom

Most of the flowers are facing towards sun like sunflowers. Sunflower blooms on the sun side.  No matter where you are right now, just move ahead towards the right direction. Right direction incorporates optimism, path of growth and learning. What comes your way whether a person or a situation, take lessons from them and move don’t stop. Because to move on and on is life. Your sunshine can be an influential person, a book, your own determination, it can be anything. Find it, stick to it and grow and blossom like a flower.

In the midst of desert you can still blossom like a flower

In the midst of desert implies adversity. A person can be stronger or weaker after passing adversity. It depends upon his/her perception towards that situation or person. In the midst of chaos, we can remain in peace and stable. This is our inner strength which is uninfluenced by outside situation. To grow stronger from inside and also maintain your inner strength. It is necessary to remain aware and preserve it. Don’t lose your inner strength on small things. 

blossom like a flower
You are a rose, just open up and blossom!

This is most important. Our own positive qualities can make us unaffected from the negative impact of bad situations and also relieves others. We have to master the art of living happily and peacefully in the midst of adversities. This attitude will come only when we make those adversities our main learning centres. How is that possible? By focus on learning only what we are getting from the situations and people, without getting influenced from their negativities. 
In this way we can blossom even in the midst of desert.

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