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This is Life

This is Life
this is life
This is Life

One day you will reach your destination if you take one small step each day. This time will pass too, just take step each day. Your morning will definitely come just cross the early darkest and deepest night. No matter how long it takes but you will reach and with bundle of unforgetful good and bad experiences. Your journey begins only by number of each step and ends by your each further step. It didn’t matter where you are right now but the fact is where you are heading. In which direction you are moving. Life is not bed of roses, it’s not a smooth highway; still we have to go on. This is life.
As a game: Just visualize a situation in which we are playing a game with few set of peoples. At the beginning it’s a beautiful game and we are enjoying with them. As the time passes it becomes a great blunder. Now no more that game is enjoying and pleasant. It is filled with criticism, hatred, expectations, differences that make it painful. But we have to play with them we can’t quit. Now what can be done? We have witnessed good time; we are witnessing our tough time. This time will pass just take one step ahead and move on? We have to cross several scenes in our lifetime, don’t stuck in any scene, just move ahead. This is life.

 I must write this that when we have our own child then the chapter of parenting opens in our life. It offers lots of learnings in this area and we get more experienced with all these. As a parent we also grow with our child. Parenting in earlier times is use to be very natural part for parents. But now it is challenging. There are so much writings and videos on the net on parenting. I read and listen and suggest you too. To beat the challenge full preparation is must. Why on net only, suggestion of our elders or even strangers regarding parenting is very valuable, because that comes from there observation and experience. Because this was the only source in earlier times when there was no net.
Similarly when we get married then the chapter of marriage opens in our life and also it offers bundle of good and bad experiences about the most basic and subtle things which is the backbone of marriage. With time we are getting stronger in this subject and it results in a great relationship with our partner. It happens that we are joined with someone very early but with time we gradually understand its importance and the significance of that person in our life. 

this is life
Celebrate your Life

This thing is applicable in all areas of life in other relations also. What we have to do taking one step ahead no matter what. Move on don’t stop. Our whole life offers several courses its studies, relations, carrier and many more, what we are gaining or learning during our lifetime, it depends upon us. Time is the best teacher but are we ready to be a great student of it.  Face ups and downs of your life; don’t stick either in pain or pleasure. Just keep on moving; slowly and steadily take step by step. What so ever I am feeling it’s on the blog and I am sure some points are great food for your mind. Try to see life in this way it may somehow change your perspective towards your life.
Everybody has learnt mathematics in their schooldays; few among them go for further studies in graduation as well as post-graduation. Very few go for research in mathematics. Same thing applied in other subjects. My point regarding mathematics is we learn the basics in schools and then rest of our life we apply it in our regular activities according to our level of understanding what we have gained during schooldays. 

In maths always we first learn the basics or formula or theorem, then we solve very simple straightforward sums or simple formula or theorem based sums. In this way we learn how to apply these formula or theorem in solving sums. Mere knowledge of formulas or theorems is not sufficient its application in solving sums is a must. And it comes only through practice. After all practice makes a man perfect. As we master in simple sums then we proceed towards complex or tricky sums isn’t it. The last level is brainstorming in which problem is not solved by simple one formula. It needs application of more than one formula step by step and in right sequence only then we will get the right answer. Most of us escape from maths because of its long process. But if we patiently go through all the processes then we will be the master in that particular chapter in maths. Our real life situations are not similar to above example? Yes it is.
this is life
Life is beautiful

Mere knowledge of principles is not sufficient we will master our life problems when we master in application of these principles. Life will offer difficult situations or problems time to time. Sometimes we are in the state of brainstorming problem in which we are surrounded with lots of problems where step by step right principles must be applied then we will reach to right solution. There is one difference between maths and life. Problem of maths offers one solution but life’ problems have more than one possible solutions. It depends on our level of understanding.

Always start with simple steps then with time we will get deeper and deeper in this. Here life principles means our virtues- love, peace, gratitude, patience, contentment, courage, confidence, and many more but collectively it will make our life simple and easy. Either we are in our good times or bad ones, these principles are applicable everywhere. In life situations practice all these in small situations be patient, like maths you will get stronger with time and then you will be comfortable in complex situations and then ultimately in brainstorming or crisis situations. All it needs your each single effort each day.

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