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Are you negative?

 Are you negative?
Weak mind = negative mind
Strong mind = positive mind
Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
are you negative
Be Positive!

Just check from inside on your own. How you see a challenging situation or a person – as a problem or an opportunity to learn. If you are problem oriented then everything is problem for you.
A very good definition I have found about a problem is – it is a situation for which we have no readymade solutions. It means we are acquainted with readymade solutions.
We don’t want to take pain in learning and finding new creative solutions of our problems. For getting new creative solutions we have to be more creative and must have a learning attitude. It means ready to learn anything for the betterment.
There is no end of learning but yes it must be in positive direction, it must be constructive. Mind simply wants to get rid of it whether it is a situation or a person.
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But solutions came only when we live in that situation or with that so called difficult person. Because it’s a rule where there is problem its solution resides there only. In real life there is no problem without its solution. Or in other words there is no lock without its key, in terms of life.
fill your inner vacuum
Fill your inner vacuum with these wise words!

Weak mind is equivalent to negative mind. Negative mind means it runs on negative belief system and filled with negative thoughts and emotions. Mostly our feelings or emotions are negative like of hatred, competition, jealousy, anger, irritation etc. Negative mind will pick negative thoughts or information quickly, having good understanding in negative things.

I personally feel this. At that stage mind is more receptive towards negativity. Negative mind is a magnet for negative things in life and ultimately negative situations, people as well as our fortune. It’s a chain see your life; you are receptive towards what negativity or positivity.
Only you can see these, rest others can observe or feel only. This strange thing popup in my mind and I start writing these things to share with you all. Are you feeling attracted toward negative things then your mind is negative?
Why today our relations are so challenging?
 Why every task seems a problem?
 Why simple things in life today are so complicated?

Why are we not enjoying our life?
Being negative day by day means mentally we are getting weaker and weaker day by day. Simply remind your childhood days do you ever love to solve any problem in your studies. You simply want readymade solutions don’t want to take pain in finding solutions from the respective chapter. Same mindset with our life. Majority are in this state.
Everybody wants an easy life, a problem free life, simply want to enjoy. But without a desperate learning attitude this is almost impossible.
A negative mind never loves learning, lacks creativity, innovativeness in life. So, don’t allow a speck of negativity in your mind if you want a positive life. This will not going to happen. Because negative mindset results in negative life.
fill your inner vacuum
You are what your mindset is?

I feel this when we are strongly negative for something then at that time we don’t love to listen anything positive about it. Mind loves to listen only negative things in fact enjoying that negativity which is destructive. So now we must check what we are enjoying,
·       Giving pain to others in any form – verbal, physical or mental.
·       Not liking others happiness or success.
·       Criticism of others not their praise.

·       Mistakes of others.
Negative mind will be more attracted towards negative habits, company of people who are of the same negative mindset, in fact very strange but true even negative foods. Negative foods means we are aware that particular food is not healthy for me it can be junk, but I love this and I will eat it. Since negative mind is weak so it lacks self-control to avoid this.
In simple terms negativity means destruction. The dead end of negativity is a severe mental disorder or you will become criminal or not at least suicide. Its awareness is must. Don’t worry nobody is 100 % positive. Start your journey towards positivity just to reverse this damaging chain. That’s why it is encouraged to think positive so that in the long run everything will become positive. Isn’t it.

Raise the percentage of positivity of your mind and see the magic. But one thing is be patient; it will reap its fruit on its own time. But it will have compound effect on your life. So be positive. My next blog will be the continuation of this blog and you can read just click here.
Rest on the next blog!

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