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An inspirational true story of a girl

An inspirational true story of a girl

a true inspirational story
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This is the true story of a girl, her name was Reena and she belongs to Bihar (a state in India). I met her in Jamia Milia Islamia Delhi and we become a very close friend. During our daily conversations, she told me her story and that is what I am sharing with you all. It happens that most of the time we stuck in a problem. And we don’t know how to come out of it. Her story inspires me a lot and it’s a great inspiration for most of the people who are in some way surrounded by a problem.

She was four brothers and sisters. All four are quite studious and good in studies. Her parents are very beautifully taken care of all of them. As time passes all four siblings grown up and started competing in their entrance exams. All are in different streams like law, CA, engineering and she was interested in medical science. Her parents were quite financially tight at that time because it’s quite difficult to bear expenses of all four.

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All her three brother and sisters have taken admission in their respective streams. She was also interested in her medical exams, for this reason, she came to Delhi and stay in a girl’s hostel. From there she was preparing for medical exams and also get succeeded in cracking one of the medical entrance of a private medical college. She was very happy and out of happiness she called her parents from STD which was outside the hostel and tell them that she has cracked the medical exam.

An inspirational true story of a girl
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But her parents request her to back home and leave that opportunity because they were unable to cope with the expenses of their children. She was totally broken and out of anger, she refused to get back. Her parent’s situation is quite understandable because already they were bearing the expense of the other three children and she was not also physically well. She never told what medical problem she has but with time I understand that she has a severe kidney problem and for this reason, she might never get married and also she can’t give birth to a baby during her lifetime.
Anyway, she came back to her room and was crying on her bed. After some time hostel warden enters her room and was about to scold her for being late to come to the hostel. But she saw her very upset and also she was crying. So for the sake of humanity, she asked for the reason. She told all her story and started crying again. Then that warden offers her to teach her kids, who are below average in their studies. If she accepts that offer then she will pay her hostel fees on her behalf to the hostel. She was very happy and accept it wholeheartedly.
an inspirational true story of a girl
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 From the next day, she started taking private tuition of that warden’s kids. And surprisingly those kids outperform in their next exams. Warden was very happy and she got the opportunity to stay in Delhi. After some time she told her parents all about this and they were also very happy about this. Gradually she got more offers for private tuition and she worked hard a lot. That warden had supported a lot during that time.

 With time she came into condition to bear herself as well as one of her sister’s expenses. And she did it. Her parents who sometimes hopeless for her, now feeling proud of her. Everything was going very good. But for all these, she was working very hard and her body was not so strong. From 6 AM morning to 12 PM-midnight, she relentlessly works without taking any proper rest. During that time her illness gets worse. For regular checkup, she has to consult a doctor and all the reports are negative. She went to a complete treatment and back to work in Delhi.

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Now a very interesting twist came to her life, I think including she and her family were completely hopeless about her marriage. And one of the marriage proposals came for her elder sister, but her sister was not ready to marry because she wants to earn first. By the time that man came to know about her and get inspired from her. Gradually a love story of both of them started taking place. After some time they got married and in a very simple manner. Neither her parents nor she herself hides anything to that man. And he accepted her still knowing everything about her.
an inspirational true story of a girl
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When I met her she was working in SBI bank with a quite decent salary and also she was completing her BSc chemistry major from IGNOU. I was also doing the same and then I met her. Her life was full of problems but she never gives up. Currently, she is very happy with her husband and he has accepted her with all her problems and still okay with it. I asked about their kids then she told me that with time they will adopt a child and live like a normal couple. For this reason, her in-laws neither accepted her nor like her.

But still this is life and still, she is struggling and moving ahead. This is a true story and can be a great inspiration for many. 
Problems and situations are part of life but still, we have to move on. This is life. After leaving Delhi I never met her back. But still, I am inspired from her till now. I can’t forget her because she is not a forgettable person. Hope so she is well in her life. Although she can’t become a doctor - her dream carrier, still she is successful in her life. After all, success is a journey, not a destination. 
Hope so this true story influenced you in some way. Maybe it inspires you to move ahead in life. Please share your own personal experience and make it more inspirational for others.

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  1. Nice story which shows that there is always a way. Good to be hopeful and have faith.


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