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Divine Intellect - powerful lines of God

These are few powerful lines from today's Awyakt Murli, I revise such Murlis time to time hope so it may be useful for you too. I think this the heart of this blog, it nurtures the soul and empowers it to its full extent.

Divine Intellect

·       It is the divine intellect that makes each of you children an embodiment of divine knowledge, divine remembrance and divine dharna.
·       The divine intellect is a special gift for you to have dharna.
·       To have a divine intellect constantly means to be an embodiment of remembrance.
·       If your divine intellect, that is, your satopradhan, golden intellect has the slightest influence of the rajo or tamo stages, then, instead of becoming an embodiment of dharna, you come under the influence of Maya. This is why you experience everything easy to be difficult.
·       Because the divine intellect you received easily as a gift becomes weak, you find it hard work. Whenever you experience anything to be difficult or hard work, your divine intellect is definitely being influenced by some form of Maya, for that is why you have that experience.

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·       Someone with a divine intellect imbibes BapDada's shrimat in a second and experiences having a constantly powerful, constantly unshakeable, master almighty stage.
·       Shrimat means the directions that make you elevated. You cannot then experience anything to be difficult. Shrimat means the directions that make you fly constantly and easily.
·       However, you definitely do need a divine intellect with which to imbibe them. So check: Do you constantly keep your birthday gift with you? Does Maya sometimes snatch away your gift of a divine intellect and make you belong to her? You don't sometimes become innocent about the influence of Maya, do you, so that you lose your Godly gift?
·       The gift of a divine, Godly intellect is a constant canopy of protection, whereas Maya casts her own shadow. The canopy flies away and just the shadow (influence) is left. So, always check: Do I always have the Father’s gift with me?
·       The symbolic gift of a divine intellect is that it works like a lift so that, as soon as you put on the switch of elevated thoughts, you become stable in that stage in a second. If there is a shadow of Maya in front of your divine intellect, then this gift will not work as a lift. What happens when a physical lift doesn’t work? You can neither go up nor down. You are stuck in the middle.
·       Instead of having true self-respect, you become distressed. No matter how much you press the switch, you won't be able to experience the attainment of reaching your destination. So, you spoil this gift of a lift and you then have to climb the ladder of effort. What do you then say? Your legs of courage do not work. So, who made something easy to become difficult and how?
·       The gift of the divine intellect is an alokik viman (aeroplane). By switching on this divine viman you can reach wherever you want in a second. The switch is your thoughts. Scientists can travel around one world. You can travel around all three worlds.
·       In a second, you can become an embodiment of a world benefactor and give light and might to the whole world. Simply become stable in an elevated stage with the viman of your divine intellect.
·       With the viman of your divine intellect, you can stabilize yourself in the stage of the highest peak and spread waves of the co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings of light and might to all the souls of the world. Your flying vehicle is powerful, is it not? You just have to know how to use it.
·       You need the device of the refined, elevated directions of BapDada. Nowadays, instead of just refined fuel, you even have double refined fuel. So this is the double refined device of BapDada.
·       Godly gift of a divine intellect is always free from sorrow or deception. Those who have a divine intellect can never be deceived, they cannot experience sorrow. They are always safe. They are free from adversity.
·       Therefore, know the importance of this Godly gift and constantly keep this gift with you. Did you understand the importance of this gift? Have all of you received this gift? Or, have some of you been left out? All of you have received it, have you not? It depends on you whether you know how to look after it or not.
·       Satopradhan means real gold. This is what is called a divine intellect. Achcha, wherever you have come from, you rivers of knowledge have come from all directions and merged with the Ocean.
·       When your vision becomes elevated, even your world becomes elevated. Now the Father is your world. The world is merged in the Father.
·       Do you have this experience? Wherever you look and whatever you hear, you experience the Father to be with you, do you not? There cannot be anyone as loving as Him in the whole world and one who would be with you at every second and in every thought. In the world outside, no matter how loving others may be, they cannot give you constant companionship. This One is with you even in your dreams. You have found the Companion who fulfills the responsibility of such companionship and this is why your world has changed.
·       When the Father is always with you, you are carefree emperors. You don't even need to think about whether it will be all right or not. When the Father is with you, everything is fine. So, by experiencing His companionship, continue to fly. It is the Father's duty to think; your duty is just to remain absorbed in His company. Therefore, weak thoughts have also ended. Always remain a carefree emperor. You are an emperor now and an emperor for all time.
·       When you keep all your physical senses in order, only then will all your other companions co-operate in your task. Whoever you love, you definitely co-operate with them in every task of theirs. The sign of a deeply loving soul is that he will always co-operate in the Father’s elevated task. To the extent that he is co-operative, accordingly, he will be an easy yogi.
·       Seed of the experience of God’s love sown in souls automatically creates the tree of becoming co-operative. At the right time, it will bear the fruit of becoming an easy yogi, because the seed of transformation will definitely show the fruit. The co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings in everyone’s mind enables you to have success in any task because this fortress of good wishes and pure feelings enable souls to be transformed.

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Main points from Murli part-1

Main points from Murli part-1

Lakshmi and Narayan
Lakshmi and Narayan

I am happy to share you all that finally I got my dream job and currently fully busy in adjusting to a major change in my life. So a very big sorry about this. But my blog will not stop it will continue in the form of main points in Murli. So this is the first one from ‘Main points from Murli’ series until and unless I didn't get comfortable and adjust fully this series continues. But it is the most important in fact the heart of this blog.
So enjoy this series...
v  Sweet children, you have played all-round parts throughout the whole cycle. Your parts have now ended and you have to return home.
v  Who has the highest position in this drama? Answer- The incorporeal Father. He is the Father of all you souls. All souls are bound by the thread of the drama. The Father's position is the highest position of all.
v  This is the old world, the land of sorrow, whereas that is the land of peace and the land of happiness. You now have to be liberated from this sorrow and return to the land of liberation. It is as though the land of liberation, that is, the land of peace, is just standing ahead of you. That is your home. 
v  Businessmen draw a swastika on their account books and call that Ganesh. The swastika is a symbol of four yugas- Golden age, Silver age, Copper age and Iron age. Ganesh has also been shown with an elephant's trunk.
v  Study of  Raj Yoga is called as the weapon of knowledge.. There is no question of war in this There isn't anything physical here; there are the weapons of knowledge. The weapons of Gyan and Vigyan – knowledge and remembrance – are so powerful. You rule the whole world. Deities are called non-violent. You children are now being given teachings to change from human beings into deities.
v  The home of us souls is Brahmand. It should remain in your intellects that you reside there, beyond this element of the sky, where there is no sun or moon. We residents of that place have come here to play our parts. We play our parts for 84 births. 
v  Every cycle that Father comes once and gives you knowledge. Everyone studies. 
v  At this time, it is the rule of people over people; there are no kings or queens. They used to exist in the golden age, but not now, at the end of the iron age. This is called the rule of the people. 
v  This is an unlimited play. No two can be the same here. Each one's features are separate. The features continue to change in every birth. It is such an unlimited play.
v  Everyone would only play whatever their parts are in the drama. No one can be replaced in this drama. This is an unlimited drama. Souls continue to take birth. Each one's features are different. There is such a variety of features. No two seconds can be the same.
v  When the cycle ends, it will then begin again. You are now studying.
v  You receive such an elevated status through knowledge. This is a Gita pathshala.
v  When anyone asks when this play began, you say: It has continued eternally. There is no question of counting.
v   Day by day, you will continue to become strong on the pilgrimage of remembrance and you won't then remember anything else.*** - This is the most important line and I want to write my own experience but due to time constraint I just can’t write it right now.
v  BapDada sees the speciality of every child. Even though they may not have become perfect and are effort-makers, there isn’t a single child who does not have even one speciality. The foremost speciality each of you has is that you are in the list of the handful out of multimillions. To recognize the Father and say, “My Baba” and claim all rights is the speciality of intellect with the power of discernment. This elevated power has made you a special soul.
v  The pen with which you can draw your line of elevated fortune is your elevated acts. Therefore, create as much fortune as you want.

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Why can’t we connect supreme?

Why can’t we connect supreme?

towards supreme!
Towards Supreme!

I think around 4-5 years have been passed following this organisation and like you, I am also doubtful about this organisation for so long. I like their lectures but somewhere I doubt about its trustworthiness. I have followed good as well as bad reviews to understand this organisation better. 

I have tried to connect with Bk people online or via WhatsApp and in return few respond few not. But never mind I still proceed. Well in my earlier blogs I have mentioned about many things about this. So far it is a wonderful experience and virtually I am connected with few ones and I didn’t encounter any bad experience. People who are true and with faith they are moving ahead in this journey are a great inspiration for me. Actually, through their experiences, I came to know what I have experienced so far.

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Few experiences are a puzzle for me. I just experience but I don’t understand what it is? I am as common as you. Still exploring and trying to dig deeper to understand more and reveal more new things. In the past few months, I have experienced many amazing things which is a great wonder and I feel that supreme shiv baba is communicating with me. 

I didn’t choose shiv baba instead he chose me. From all means, he is communicating with me. And as long as I am experiencing more and more I am cautious to experience it more. Because it is a divine connection. Within a short span of time, many deeper and unexpected things revealed just unexpected.

Shifting from physical to subtle

My devotion is completely shifted from physical to subtle, at the mind level. Currently, I am very much regular in Awayakt and Sakar Murli both. I feel as if shiv baba is communicating with me via this. Although I witnessed how he communicates via several means. One thing is sure he is aware of my every thought and activity. Even my small and subtle practice is not hidden from him. Whatever I try silently he knows and sooner or later he guides me via murlis. That I experience for so long. Many unknown fears have gone which I didn’t realise and people around me are living in such fears. 

Fears like fear of losing near dear one or fasting for the sake of their long life. I didn’t notice any fasting or ritual in the name of mother, wife or daughter. But we all know many fasting for the sake of husband and son. What it is fear of losing them. My fear of losing is gone their life is not dependent on my fasting.

What are relations?

Relations currently I am surrounded with are nothing but my karmic accounts with them. Whether I like them or not they will remain until we have our karmic accounts due once finished they will not remain even a second. So their presence in my life is fixed and predestined. We both have no power to change it but can change the between us. And this cycle of karmic accounts goes on and on, birth by birth.

Currently, my consciousness about relations, situations and issues are stronger than divine and soul consciousness, so these things are stronger in my life. My remembrance is very frequent and strong for these instead of my own true self and supreme shiv baba. So my energy goes to these things hence the result is what life I am living right now. But when the remembrance shifted to our true self and supreme shiv baba, then nothing is stronger than me and supreme. I want to tell all these things but unfortunately, nobody believes and I can't prove this.

I feel that shiv baba is guiding me to direct my remembrance to my true self and shiv baba. Our remembrance is a strength- a mental strength. If we didn’t focus then randomly it goes on and on, either we notice or not but our mind keeps on remembering every time. This is unfocussed remembrance and it depletes the power of our mind.

Anything which is unfocused and random will deplete our energy. We remember past bad as well as good experiences, quality of relations and situations. As we go on remembering these it will go stronger and stronger, and hence, as a result, bad things, situations and relations are strong in our life. We all are the best examples of it. Otherwise, we don’t complain about this.

In every Murli, shiv baba stressed on remembering him and our true self. Many asked why shiv baba stressed so much on remembrance. This is the reason. In fact in the early morning around 4 to 5 A.M. remembrance of shiv baba or supreme is strongly advised by shiv baba. In a few past months, I feel that he stressed me to remember him as much as possible and do amritvela. Even in one murli, he said even if you are with the dumb mind(mota dimaag) then remember me with that mind also.


What is remembrance?

Power of Remembrance = Power of ( Mind + Intellect)

Remembrance is a subtle mind power it has energy,  directed energy. Whatever we remember that energy goes to that particular the thing what we are remembering and the current flows.

I feel a strong pull from supreme shiv baba once but I didn’t understand what it is? The magnet has the power to pull. In the same way, shiv baba in the name of remembrance is ever pure, even purest magnet and so has the strongest power to pull anyone. Purest remembrance has the strongest pulling power.  Shiv Baba has the purest remembrance, so whenever he remembers any among us, we can feel the strong pull and experience something divine which we haven’t experienced it before.

Now in terms of remembrance where are we currently?

Strong remembrance has strong pulling power and so weak remembrance has weak pulling power. We all are currently in a weak remembering stage.
Even if I know to remember shiv baba i still forget and remembrance goes here and there, even if I don’t understand. Currently, we all have lost our power of remembrance. Sorry I will correct this the line we still have the power to remember but we have lost our power to control it and direct it according to our will.

This is the journey of spiritualism, learning to control and direct our remembrance. Remembrance is a subtle mind power. It can create miracles.
When a student directs his power of remembrance then s/he can qualify even the world’s toughest competitive exam. This is the power of remembrance.
Just think when a student spends his few years in remembering his/her studies, as a result, s/he has known in society as a doctor, engineer, even an IAS officer. Then when we direct our remembrance towards our true self and supreme, then our many births will improve.

This is the power of remembrance.

Why can't we connect god?

Supreme shiv baba is ever pure. Ever pure means no waste remembrance, nothing. He will remember otherwise not. So much control over remembrance, attention and thoughts. No single waste thought and remembrance.
When we remember him as much as we can our pulling power goes stronger and stronger. Currently, our pulling power is weak because we are in the weakest remembrance stage. With due effort, it goes stronger and stronger. Supreme shiv baba’s remembrance meets with our remembrance then the current flows. Then the connection builds between supreme.

This connection goes stronger only by practice. With due effort try not to remember bad past situations, people and anything. It is a gradual practice and in this way, we learn how to control our power of remembrance.

When I recognized that he is shiv baba, I just want to meet shiv baba. A strong desire, shiv baba I want to meet you. On the next day in Murli, I feel that as shiv baba laughed and says children want to meet me but they are not the same as me. So they can't meet me. He says very clearly, as much you remember me, I will feel the pull from you and as a result, you will also feel the pull from me. This is a connection with him

Now I hope you get the answer to the question – why can't we connect with supreme? 

Kalyug keval naam aadhaara

 It is a well-known song in Hindi- ‘kalyuga keval naam aadhaara’. I have heard that devotional song so many times but never think what it means. In kalyuga our that power of remembrance will be so scattered and directionless that if we want to remember but we cant. So the song is kalyuga keval naam aadhara. Whatever I am understanding I am sharing.

 This thing is again revealed from Murli. Initially, I hesitate to write all these things but from Murli baba says whatever I am giving you the experience is not meant to keep it with yourself. Share it with everyone otherwise how will they know about me.

Rest on the next blog!

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Karma and Destiny

Karma and Destiny

which is bigger?
Which is bigger?

In the previous blog post, I have shared my understanding of spiritualism. Actually, whatever I am understanding or whenever some other or newer aspect of spiritualism emerges it takes the shape of a new blog post. Here in this post, I am going to share my understanding of the most prominent topic- karma and destiny. I have heard so many times about this from different spiritual speakers and read related stuff too. But the secrets of karma is still to be explored. I will try my best to present my views as clearly as possible, but like spiritualism, it may take more than one blog posts too.
So I will proceed further by answering a few questions related to this and my first answer to the question is:

what is karma?

According to the lectures of Bk Dr Satish Gupta – whatever we do like reading, writing, listening, sleeping, thinking, walking and many like such examples are karma. Karma is done at three levels- mental in the form of creating thoughts, vocal in the form of what we speak and physical like our daily activities. A soul is the in charge of all the three levels of karma.
According to Bk Dr Satish Gupta, very beautifully he explained in his lectures, I am writing here as it is.

A soul when seeing through its eyes like reading something is karma.
A soul when listening to something either good or bad through its ears are karma.

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A soul when speaks through its mouth either good or bad is karma.
Even a soul just sit idle and thinking, this is also a karma.
So whatever we are doing or not doing everything is karma. And each karma is entangled with its consequences. A soul when doing karma then he is bound to bear its consequences. There is no escape.
In other words, what else we are giving is karma.

karma and destiny!
Karma and Destiny!

What is destiny?

What else we are getting is destiny. We are receiving criticism, failures, rejection, hatred, pain or pleasures everything is destiny. We have no control over what we are receiving today and up to its complete time of bearing, we have to bear. Today we all are in complaining mode and almost complaining about everything. Our relations are in the most challenging state, health issues, financial issues, career issues and so on are all the result of our past karmas.

The connection between karma and destiny

Karma is the seed and destiny is the fruit. The prime seed of our karma is our thoughts.
What we are giving is karma and what we are receiving is destiny.
But yes if karma is seed then it is a well-known fact that seed will not convert into a fruit-bearing tree in one day. It will take many years even a whole birth and so will be the destiny.
By the right knowledge of karma and its consequence, we can control it but once it is done then we have no control over destiny.  That is why sister Shivani mostly said in her lectures that we can't control others but only ourselves. The secret is karma and destiny.

Why today we most of us are in chaos?

As I write earlier that soul is the main in charge of the karma. But in such a tamopradhan stage when the soul is almost powerless, having no control over mind, intellect and sanskaras. People do complain about negative thinking, they want to get rid of it but unable, why because the mind has overpowered the soul. The mind works via five senses like – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. So to feel good it searches pleasures in these forms by five senses. So to feel good source is outside in. But at soul level when the soul is powerful and fully charged then by the energy of seven virtues like – love, peace, bliss, knowledge, power, purity and sukh. It nourishes mind, intellect, and all five senses. In this way state of complete fulfilment comes from inside out. Thought power at that stage is very strong and so karma at mouth level and by action level is very controlled.

When soul power gets depleted mind overtakes the command of soul, then the result is our thoughts are not in our control. Even our senses are too not much in our control. We don’t want to say but when the tongue slips we don’t realise. This is what our senses are too not in our control. So control over the karma gradually we lose and hence the destiny results what we are facing today.

Today we are completely focused on what we are receiving like how others treat us, what we are getting in terms of health, career, family and so on. In the midst of that, we forget what we are giving. I am writing all this and I myself confessed I myself didn’t master the secrets of karma. And daily I am failing to be perfect in the karma philosophy.

We are the creators of chaos in our lives and the fact is only we can change it.

Impact of this knowledge upon me

impact upon me!
Impact upon me!

I feel very happy to learn such a thing but the sad part is at the time of execution I fail. But after getting this knowledge I am more cautious to not create any unnecessary karmic account with anyone. But yes in most of the situations, I am currently in the effect of outside circumstances and people.  My current situation is just like a maths student who has gained knowledge of formula but due to lack of practice, I get wrong results. To the strangers or not so near dear ones I can behave more nicely than what I used to behave earlier. I pay more attention to be more polite and end with a very good end. In fact, with very close one from whom my relationship is very sound and healthy, it becomes much better than before.

But with the near dear ones, to whom my karmic account is very strong and also not so good it is very challenging to stick it perfectly. I fail here currently and most frequently. But in this journey supreme shiv baba is my soul companion.

But one thing I understood it will not happen in one day. Today I fail 9 out of ten times gradually it will become 8 out of ten times then 7 out of ten times and one day it will become zero out of ten times. In this way, we can improve our karma and settle our karmic accounts. That will be my karmateet stage or complete stage.

I haven’t still mastered it yet as I feel in spiritual knowledge I am nursery student having not much experience but whatever I am experiencing it’s here in the blog. Our spiritualism is incomplete without the knowledge of karma and destiny.

Some deeper aspects of karma

I think this one is the most important section which discloses some deeper truths about karma and destiny.

How can a soul achieve its state of complete form, a Bindu stage or a dot stage or zero stage? The secret lies in karma, first understand how karma creates. When we see something and even physically we didn’t react but at the mind level, we create lots and lots of waste thoughts. This creation is karma. And when there is karma then it is bound with a destiny too. 

So to get free from this world drama we have to practice silence at the mind level, not create even a single thought whatever we see or encounter anything. And from experience, it is the most difficult part of spiritualism. See whatever we are facing today is our destiny and we are the creators of it. By the knowledge of karma and practising spiritualism, we may learn to respond peacefully and not creating any single thought over it. 

Yes do good and speak well. We all have our own baggage of past karmic accounts and from several past births. Silence has the power to burn our past karmic accounts. We didn’t realise but we keep on thinking about everything. We keep on remembering randomly and that is the reason we keep on creating karma unknowingly. 

Supreme shiv is the only liberator. When our thinking and remembering is completely directed or related to the supreme then it has the power to burn our past karmic accounts. In this journey, he is the sole companion to each one. He is the teacher, he is the liberator and he is the guide. Supreme shiv baba is himself at dot stage or zero stage and by remembering him at that stage we can reach the karmateet stage.

Karmateet means (karma se ateet) rising above from the impacts of karma. At that stage, a soul does karma but will not bound to its karmfal or destiny. Supreme shiv baba is at the zero thought stage and when we practice silence at mind level means not creating thoughts consciously then by default we get connected with him. Although it is the most difficult stage even very hard to remain at that stage for even a few minutes. 

But it is the ultimate stage of each soul. When we are in a problem and not getting a solution then it is advised to sit in silence for a while and at that time we are connected with the supreme and most often we get solutions also and if not then at least courage to face the problem.

Sometimes we get the instant result as destiny for our karma and sometimes it takes years even births to reap its fruits. We are hungry and we eat something and after finishing our meal we feel full this is an example of an instant result of our karma. Hunger is a trigger, as a result, we eat in response is karma and we feel satisfied or full is the result of destiny. But what we eat for a long time creates eating habits and creates preferences, as a result, will be our health. We may be fit if we are conscious about the right diet and nutrition, maybe thin if we are less eater or obese if we are very foody. In this way, karma and destiny can be short term and long term both.

Rest on the next blog!

Monday, 1 April 2019

True Spiritual journey is this...

True Spiritual journey is this...

spiritual journey
Spiritual Journey

In my last post, I have mentioned about how time to time I have experienced shiv baba, if you want to read then click here- How I experience lord Shiva. Due to this my faith on him increases. I feel that whatever I am thinking, he is listening.

In the past few months, many big revelations came out. All these experiences are a mystery for me I didn’t understand what it is? And along with that in my surrounding, I can’t share such things with anybody, they won’t believe. That is why I never share with anyone but time to time I kept thinking over it again and again. 

Most of the time I feel that this is just my illusion but with time such experiences increases. One day in a spiritual WhatsApp group of Bramhakumari I share few experiences with one of the group admin. Thanks to him for responding, he clears my doubt about it. Outside it is a miracle, but in this organisation, the majority have experienced it in some way. That is quite amazing for me.

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From such experiences, I just feel that he is listening to me. He is responding to me and I was catching according to my catching capacity.  

Now moving to the next is a spiritual journey in the past few months I gain the knowledge of mind and karma. Very eye-opening revelations from different BKs. BK is filled with gems and pearls. Few are like sister Pratima, doctor Satish Gupta to whom I do follow. I am thankful to both of them for sharing their understanding.

What is a true spiritual journey?

One point is worth noting is that the spiritual journey is a reverse journey.

from tamopradhan to satopradhan
From Tamopradhan to satopradhan

Let’s understand this point. Actually, our life journey is like a child, teen, adult and last old age person. But this is the journey of a body. The journey of a soul is not limited to one birth. Also, the journey of each soul is unique and different. This whole world is a big real drama and we all are the actors who play their respective parts. One cycle of this whole drama comprises of four kalpas or yugas. These are satyuga (golden age), tretayug (silver age), dwaparyug (copper age) and kalyuga (Iron Age). Best players in this world drama are those who came very early in this world drama.

Now see how this world drama is moving from yug wise stages of the soul is different. When the drama proceeds from satyuga to kalyuga then the stages of souls are like moving downstairs.

This is the world drama cycle and in this way, all souls move downstairs.

from satopradhan to tamopradhan in world drama cycle
From satopradahn to tamoprdhan in world drama cycle

 Spiritualism is the reverse journey from tamopradhan to satopradhan of souls. At the end when the soul reaches the extreme of tamopradhan stage then the souls become powerless and has no power to go back to satopradhan stage. At this moment supreme came here and he uplifts the souls to start their reverse journey. 

Here I am talking about soul level. These stages are at the soul’s level and on that basis respectively the yugas proceeds.

From sister Pratima I got the answer that meanings of those experiences what I feel earlier. I am not a BK and I haven’t ever gone to any bramhakumari centre, these come much later than the experiences what I get. I am writing all these because still, people are in doubts about this organisation.

Currently, she is in the much-advanced stage and I am at the initial level. She has gone through the same experiences what currently I am going through and from her, I got the idea where I have to reach.

The spiritual journey is just the reverse journey from tamopradhan to satopradhan stage. Without God's intervention no soul can do this, he has to come and direct all the souls to start the real spiritual journey. Either you believe or not, but this is the truth. No soul on this earth has the power to continue this journey on its own.

true spiritual journey is like going upstairs
The true spiritual journey is like going upstairs

If you are surprised with the situations you are surrounded with and people you are living with then in spiritualism everything has a reason. Our mind is filled with endless questions and once we get the answers it starts getting calm and calmer. And this calmness increases with the answers. 

After that similar situation or people’s behaviour will no more disturb you because your mind has answers for all such things. As you proceed in the journey new exciting things and experiences you will encounter and time to time our mind will fill with questions related to this. Again we move ahead deeper aspects will came along with its explanations. As a result, our mind gets more and calmer. Calm means less thoughts. The number of thoughts reduces with each revelation. This is true peace. This is the ultimate stage of a soul.

The good part is supreme shiv is the sole companion in this journey, he is guide, father, teacher, friend and also the ultimate goal. Because the ultimate goal of spiritualism is to become the same as god. It means it is a journey from god   - to god.

So spiritual journey is just like moving upstairs and it is most difficult for a weak stage soul. We all are currently tamopradhan weak stage souls. We are completely confused about everything. At this stage, supreme arrives and becomes a guide for us to go back to the satopradhan stage. 

We all know that we are sinners we have done so many mistakes, we have hurt people, and many more even we do not realise. We want to bury our bad sins or vikarmas, for this, we go to the pilgrimage, char dham or even do Ganga snan also, most famous kumbh snan. In fact, we do charity also to bury our sins. But everything is done with a method and only supreme can teach us how it can be done. We all have our own self created burden of sins and those who recognize him at this stage and follow his teachings or guidelines or shreemat will be able to be free from their burden of sins. 

Two methods to burn our sins – Karmyog and Karmbhog

We all are currently following Karmbhog to settle our karmic accounts and supreme teaches us Karmyog to settle the same. Karmyog means from the body we are doing our daily works and from the mind, we are connected with the supreme. Karmyog and Karmbhog both are just the opposite. 

Karmbhog is the way of drama, the life of a common man and Karmyog is a mental journey, a true spiritual journey towards God, towards satopradhan stage. God is satopradhan – means complete in seven virtues namely- peace, love, power, knowledge, bliss, purity and sukh. It is the complete stage of us each soul and to reach that stage is the ultimate goal of us each one. This is spiritualism. This is a spiritual journey.

It is a complete internal journey and believes me most exciting, difficult and full of adventures. Both Karmyog and Karmbhog are painful. Via this our karmic account settles. But the only difference is in Karmyog we take much effort to bury our sins and secure a high position in this world drama according to our effort in the next world drama cycle. But via Karmbhog our karmic account settles, our lives become more and more miserable and also our position get degraded in the next world drama cycle. In Karmyog we get answers or reasons with effort and it results in calmer mind. On the other hand in Karmbhog day by day, our mind gets filled with only questions and never understands why he/she is in such a situation. Chaos will increase day by day and by sufferings only he/she will settle his/her karmic accounts.

I m also filled with lots and lots of questions and don’t know where I will get my answers. But once I get such clarity I am feeling and amazing peaceful and blissful mind and very happy that supreme is my soul companion.

I have more answers for many common questions but I feel, I am not so much experienced to answer all.

 Rest on next month blog.